Tactical Mook Jong - In-Home Training Basics

How to use the Wing Chun AttachMate / Wooden Dummy: Empty Hands & Weapons | Basic In-Home Training Program

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How to use the Wing Chun AttachMate / Wooden Dummy / Fungee Dummy:

Empty Hands & Weapons on the Mook Jong • In-Home Training Basics Program

Tactical & Functional Mook Jong Learn:

* Jun Fan Mook Jong Sets #3 & #4 on the Wing Chun on AttachMate + Yi Chi Yee Kim Yeung Ma Stance

* Kali - Wing Chun / Jun Fan Basics - Parry Salute, Hubud & Cut the Tool

* Stick Sumbrada on the Wing Chun AttachMate + Kali Stick Basics

* Knife Sumbrada on the Wing Chun AttachMate + Knife Basics & Tri-V PTK Thrust & Slash Principles

* Karambit Hubud on the Wing Chun AttachMate + Tri-V PTK Thrust-Slash Template & KunTao Silat Karambit Template

* Practical Application of Stick Sumbrada & Knife Sumbrada and Karambit Hubud using the Mook Jong


* FUNGEE DUMMY VARIATIONS If you purchase now you will get the Fungee Dummy Variations when they are added.

Your Instructor

Jeramiah Giehl
Jeramiah Giehl


Accomplished Black Belt Martial Art Instructor in multiple Martial Arts. Sifu Jeramiah Giehl's states that "In High School Martial Arts training helped turned my life around." He claims that his story truly is similar to the “Karate Kid.” Now he has become an exceptional Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor. He has many years of Martial Arts Instruction experience. He is giving back for what Martial Arts did for him as a youth. He started teaching in 1996. Some of his experience teaching includes being a UCSD Recreation Center Instructor, a Private Jewish Day School PE Coach (he taught TKD and Krav Maga to K through 3rd Grade), JKD/Kali Instructor and a Kids JKD/Kali Instructor, a Krav Maga Instructor at a Chabad Mens Club and a Martial Arts Gym, a Taekwondo Instructor at a YMCA, a Gym and a TKD Kids Class Instructor and Active Shooter Defense Assistant Instructor as well as experience doing Anti-Drug and Anti-Gang Martial Art Themed School Assemblies.

He is a Full Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and FMA, holds Black Belts in Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu and Combat JuJitus under Sensei David Tice, an Associate Instructor in the JFJKDGA under Sifu John Doty, Instructor in Contemporary JKD & FMA, a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo,Coach in Chinatown JKD, a 5th Level Professional Grappler under Sensei David Tice and an Instructor in Israeli Krav Maga. He is Certified in the Rapid Assault Tactics (Ground & Clinch), Military Edged Weapons, LEO Control Tactics, Single Stick & Double Stick Instructor in DFA Kali-KunTao, Active Shooter Defense. Certified Cage Fitness Coach. With Experience in Sports Medicine, Weight Training, as a Rec Center Instructor, Personal Trainer and PE Coach.

  • Full Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak in Contemporary JKD & FMA.
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Ryu JuJitsu under Sensei David Tice.
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Combat JuJitsu under Sensei David Tice.
  • 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo in Songahm Taekwondo.
  • Associate Instructor under Sifu John Doty in Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association.
  • 5th Level Professional Grappler under Sensei David Tice.
  • Civilian Instructor in Israeli Krav Maga under Expert Alain Cohen.
  • Student Coach in Chinatown JKD under Sifu Tim Tackett.


  • Certified in Rapid Assault Tactics (Ground & Clinch).
  • Certified in Military Edged Weapons Instructor.
  • Certified in Law Enforcement Control Tactics.
  • Certified in Single Stick & Double Stick.
  • Certified in Active Shooter Defense.
  • Certified in Tactical First Aid.
  • Certified in Community Emergency Response Team through SDFD.
  • Certified Cage Fitness Coach. Warrior X-Fit and Fitness Kickboxing.

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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